Order & Delivery Process

What to expect when you order your new lawn with All Turf Solutions.

All Turf Solutions are different to many other turf suppliers, where we actually grow our own turf, harvest it, and deliver it to your door, we can even arrange preparation of your site & aftercare maintenance services, so it's one point of contact for everything you need.


"A day in the life of a new lawn"


So you've ordered your turf, what happens next?


The day before

  • You will receive a text message in the afternoon of the day before delivery, advising an estimated delivery time
  • If for any reason you need to cancel or postpone your delivery please let us know by 7AM THE DAY BEFORE your requested delivery date, any cancellations after this time may be too late and your turf may already be cut, the best way to make any last minute changes is to call us 1800 ALL TURF (1800 255 8813)


When your turf arrives

  • Your turf will arrive on a large truck, either a prime mover & semi trailer or a flat bed rigid, sometimes we just send a ute, depending on your order size
  • Your turf will be loaded onto a pallet, and most of our trucks have forklifts on board that will unload the turf from the truck and place it as close as safely possible to your prepared area *as seen in the video above*, if you are not home to receive delivery of the turf but would like it placed somewhere specific please leave out some kind of marker (such as a paint mark on the ground or sign) or call us with the instructions you want to give to the driver, if no instructions are given then the driver will most likely place it on your driveway or wherever he feels is most appropriate,
  • We use a unique pallet-less lift-off system which means the pallet stays on the truck instead of being left on site
  • If you have requested any fertiliser or other products to be delivered with the turf these will most likely be on top of or next to the stacks of turf

Turf Establishment Tips

  • During hotter parts of the year (Summer & Spring) it is crucial that your turf is installed on the same day as delivery, ideally as soon as possible, it is possible for turf to get too hot and die whilst sitting on the pallet for too long, in Winter time though this is generally not as much of an issue and laying turf the following day is generally fine
  • If you aren't able to lay the turf until later in the day, consider asking the driver to drop the pallets in a shady spot, this will help keep it cooler throughout the day
  • If your soil is dry & hot give it a few light sprays of water in the hour leading up to installation to cool it down prior to laying the turf
  • Commence watering of the turf 10-15mins after it is laid, to prevent it drying out in the sun & wind, again this isn't so much of a problem in winter
  • The top 2-3 slabs on the pallet are generally sacrificial cover slabs & can 'sometimes' be the driest, if they are too dry & the leaf appears to be shrivelled up we recommend putting these to the side, give them a soaking of water & use them only if required, they will generally come back to life but may need some extra water


For more information please check out our DIY Turf Installation page