Allergy Advice

Allergy Advice

Well spring is here! which means it is growing season for all kinds of plant life, including turf & lawns, it’s a great time to install turf as you can take advantage of the faster establishment times and rigorous growth.

Unfortunately for some unlucky people this also means hay fever season, many allergies are caused by plants releasing large quantities of pollen into the air, most grass varieties will also contribute to this when they sprout seed heads, which tend to appear more in spring time.

So if you are one these people you may be thinking about scrapping your lawn and laying down some artificial turf, pavers, decking etc. which as we all know this will cost a small fortune, and won’t naturally cool down your yard or give you a nice soft surface for the kids & pets to play on, but fear not!! We have some tips that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful lawn even if you suffer from hay fever.

New Lawns

1.    Choose the ‘right’ turf for your new lawn

We offer many grasses that are suitable for people with allergy problems,

  • OZ TUFF is probably the best choice for allergy sufferers, it only produces a seed head in its early phase of establishment (the first 2 months) after that it doesn’t sprout anymore seed, even when not mowed,
  • Sir Walter will only produce a seed head when under some stress & not regularly mowed, however the seeds are quite large & heavy, and are not easily picked up by the wind, they can also be mowed off straight away.
  • Empire Zoysia only produces a seed head annually in early spring, which can be mowed off,


Existing lawns

1.    Regular mowing

Turf grasses that naturally sprout seed head can be kept at bay with regular mowing, seed heads sprout up high above the leaf blades in order to be caught by the wind, regular mowing will cut off the heads before they can reach their ideal height and start to flower, this may mean once a week in the warmer months.

It is also a good idea to use a disposable (single use) dust mask & a catcher when mowing your lawn, because when you mow you will also be picking up pollen from other plants & trees, plus be sure to dispose of your lawn clippings into your green waste bin or local waste transfer station, leaving the clippings around in your garden/yard just allows the pollen to get airborne again.

Turf grasses that regularly sprout seed head

  • Wintergreen Green Couch
  • AgriDark Green Couch
  • AussiBlue Blue Couch


2.    Keep lawn in good condition  

Some turf grasses will sprout seed head when they are under stress, so keep your lawn well maintained with regular mowing, infrequent deep watering & fertilise as required (start of spring is the ideal time to fertilise). 


                       Sir Walter Seed Heads (notice how the seeds are larger & mostly contained)

Sir Walter at seed


Green Couch Seed Heads (notice the height above the leaf blades)

OZTUFF at seed


Empire Zoysia Seed Heads (beginning of spring)

Empire at seed in spring


We hope this has been helpful, if you require any more information please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1800ALLTURF (0755438304)