Turf Installation & Management Guide

This handy guide has been prepared to help you get the best result from your new lawn. By following these steps you will be able to install & maintain your new lawn like a professional.

Site Preparation

  • Spray out existing lawn & weeds with Glyphosate (Roundup), follow the label for rates to give the maximum kill,  allow a minimum of two days for the chemical to work on the plant (a second application may be required).
  • Either remove old lawn and weeds or cultivate this into the base soil, for best results cultivate, till or spade the area to a depth of approximately 150mm, this is also an ideal time to add soil amendments like Gypsum, Lime and extra organics.
  • Test your soil with a pH test kit to check if you need to add any additional products to balance your soils pH (somewhere between 6 – 7 is ideal for lawns)
  • If you have poor soil, cap this off with good quality under turf soil to a depth of 50 to 200mm.  Call 1800ALLTURF to arrange delivery of Premium Organic Turf Soil to your site. Allow for 30% compaction of your soil when ordering.
  • Eliminate drainage problems by having soil slope away from foundations, footpaths, garden beds etc.
  • Rake and smooth soil removing rocks, roots, and large clods.
  • Roll the area with a lawn roller. This will firm the soil surface and reveal low areas that need more soil.
  • Keep the grade 25mm below sidewalks and driveways for the new turf to sit into (35-40mm for buffalo).
  • Apply a pre plant fertiliser like Sir Launcher  which contains a pre plant fertiliser and water crystals.  Rake this into the surface. Be careful when using any fertiliser not to apply it too heavily and in clumps as this can burn the turf.
  • Screen off the soil to provide a smooth surface, roll, then screen again. Your soil needs to be compacted enough that when you walk on it you only leave a small foot print.
  • Lightly wet the soil to minimise dust & provide a moist base for your new turf, but not too wet that it turns to mud.

 site prep

Turf Installation

  • Prior to laying turf check that the soil surface is not too hot.  Lightly wet the soil down if it is hot.
  • Install your lawn immediately upon delivery. Turf is degrading on the pallet, and it is recommended that all turf should be laid within 4 hours of delivery in summer/spring & 12 hours in winter/autumn, failing to do so can lead to pallet burn.
  • Begin installing turf along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or footpath
  • Butt and push ends against each other tightly, without stretching.
  • Stagger the joints in each row in a brick-like fashion, using a large sharp knife to trim corners.
  • On slopes, place the turf pieces across the slope. 
  • After installing the turf, roll the entire area, this will improve the contact between the turf and soil and help with leveling.
  • Begin watering lawn within 30 minutes of installation. Turf is a living plant that requires ground contact and moisture.
  • During the first two weeks, avoid heavy or concentrated use of your new lawn, this gives the roots an opportunity to firmly knit with the soil, and insures that the turf will remain smooth.

turf install

Initial Watering

  • We recommend applying 10 litres of water per square metre on the initial installation, you need to get the top 25mm of soil under the turf saturated, use the below examples as a guide.

Example watering calculations for a 300m² lawn

Example 1

Example 2 (higher flow rate)

Work out how long it takes to fill a 10L bucket
(e.g. 1 minute)

 - 1 min × 300m² = 300 mins
 - 300 mins ÷ 60 mins = 5 hours
 - This lawn should be watered for 5 hours

Time to fill 10L bucket = 20 seconds

 - 20 sec ÷ 60 sec = 0.4166 mins
 - 0.4166 mins x 300m² = 125 mins
 - 125 mins ÷ 60 mins = 2.1 hours
 - This lawn should be watered for 2.1 hours

The information provided below is based on the climate of South East Queensland, take into account your current climate & temperatures when using this guide

  • Week 1: water lightly up to three times a day during spring/summer, once a day will be enough in autumn/winter.
  • Week 2: roots should have formed by now, to check simply lift up the corner of a slab and look for little white shoots, watering can now be reduced to once per day but watering should now be longer, this will soak the water in deeper which encourages the roots to search deeper.
  • Week 3: Water a couple of times per week. Again, increase the watering time to encourage deep rooting. Full establishment could take between one and three months depending upon the season & grass type. You should be mowing by now. But never mow off more than one third “1/3” of the leaf at any time.

Turf Products

turf productsSir Launcher starter fertiliser

This is a Premium blend of slow release fertiliser and water crystals that should be used when laying a new lawn, planting a new garden or potting new plants.

Sir Launcher has a ready supply of essential nutrients vital for strong plant and root establishment in all new lawns and gardens.  With its blend of slow release and organic nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous granulated fertilisers, trace elements and moisture magnets which have all been designed to improve the capability of soils and growing media to retain water and plant nutrients.

Sir Launcher is ideal for Sir Walter premium turf and all other lawn types including Couch, Buffalo & Zoysia and all types of trees, shrubs and flowering plants.

Application rates

  • For the Lawn apply at a rate of 30g per m², 1 x 3kg bucket will cover an area of 100m².  Lightly rake through your turf underlay to a depth of 30mm.
  • Garden beds, trees & shrubs mix 10g per 1 litre of soil and water thoroughly.
  • Pots, tubs & containers mix 10g per 1 litre of potting mix e.g. 50g per half bucket, mix evenly into growing medium.
  • Fertilisers will enhance the health and look of your lawn.
  • Fertilise in early spring, early summer and early autumn to promote growth.
  • Sandy soils will require more frequent fertilising.
  • Use good quality slow release or organic fertilisers like Sir Walter Fertiliser.
  • In the spring apply mineral and organic fertilisers like lime, blood & bone and manure.
  • Water in well immediately after application.
  • Avoid over fertilising during the hot summer months. 
  • Avoid applying to new lawns until after the first mowing.
  • Avoid using when temperature is expected to exceed 30°C.

Under Turf Soil

under soilIf you have poor quality existing soil it may be worth bringing in a whole new layer of soil (we recommend at least 100mm thick) or perhaps just a top-up of say 50mm if your soil isn't too bad already. Our under turf soil is a premium product that contains on average 80% recycled organics and turf sand, this nutrient rich product has excellent water retention properties, Turf Soil can be delivered in whatever quantity you need, just keep in mind it usually comes in a body truck tipper so it may only be able to dump it on your front lawn area. 

Our preparation crews are fully equipped with the machinery and tools to get the soil to where it needs to go with ease, so it may be worth considering getting a quote from them to save you a lot of hard work.

Coming soon: under turf soil in 1 tonne bulk bags that can be easily delivered with your turf order saving on extra delivery charges & reducing the mess by positioning the soil closer to your job.