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 Formed in 2011, Sports Turf Operations brings together the industry knowledge & expertise of Directors Brett Micklewright and Duncan Swinton.

Collectively we bring 60 years of experience managing, constructing and renovating sports turf in Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales, we bring a range of best practice sustainable renovation techniques and specialized equipment to the sports turf industry, which until now was lacking dedicated contractors capable of delivering long term practical and sustainable turf management programs


Our Services Include;

Sustainable Renovation Techniques
Our specialised & revolutionary equipment can quickly and cost effectively renovate your sports fields like no other

Conventional Renovation Techniques
We offer a range of aerators, topdressing and scarifying equipment to support our sustainable systems

Drainage solutions
Sand slitting and laser sub surface drainage installation for existing fields

Refurbishment NOT Reconstruction
Utilise your existing assets with cost effective sustainable solutions

Sports Turf Construction
From local parks to major sand profile stadiums

Grassing Solutions
Our integrated turf farms can supply a wide range of grasses and systems suitable for sports fields”


About the directors

Duncan was formally trained as a Greenkeeper at Brisbane Golf Club who quickly moved up the ranks to assistant superintendent before moving on to manage other golf courses throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory, broadening his knowledge of sports turf and construction.

In 2001 Duncan and his family set up a small turf farm/contracting business “All Turf Solutions” at Tamborine, providing instant turf and solutions to residential and commercial customers across South East Queensland.

Brett was formally trained as a Greenkeeper at Coolangatta-Tweed Heads Golf Course and furthered his trade at Burleigh Golf Course before starting “Turf Renovation Services” in 1987, concentrating on the municipal sports fields and fine turf renovation in Golf and Bowls which is still operating today.

His achievements and dedication to the industry earned him an “Industry Recognition Award” by the QLD Golf Industry Awards Council.


Sustainable Renovation Techniques

Our revolutionary equipment can quickly and cost effectively renovate your sports fields like no other. Correct profile management improves microbial activity, water, nutrient and air availability

Koro Recycling Dresser

Koro Recycling Dresser In action

This fast, cost effective, single pass renovation tool creates unparalleled soil fracturing to a depth of 120mm and produces 150 tonnes/Ha of topdressing with no extra equipment, manpower or logistical backup (such as delivery trucks).

Total soil fracturing, no need for importing & no waste! surfaces experience minimal disturbance meaning no more build-up of perched layers.

By busting through these layers and providing soil from within the profile the functional principals of an ideal perched water table is maintained.


It’s mode of operation is simple yet unmatched in our industry in terms of effectiveness & efficiency, the benefits gained are:

  • 120mm de-compaction alleviation,
  • Significant aeration and infiltration improvements,
  • Black layer reduction,
  • Re-activation of locked up nutrients within the compacted soil profile,
  • Vertical mixing effect,
  • Creates 150 tonnes per hectare of topdressing,
  • Recycling reduces layering issues

    Surface levelling by filling up worn out & rutted low areas,
  • Minimize surface hardness,
  • Productivity rate of up to 2 hectares per day,
  • Significantly faster than any conventional equipment.

Recycle your assets, save money and the environment

Koro Field Topmaker (FTM)

Koro FTM in actionThe ultimate tool for complete removal of vegetative thatch and weed infestation to your requirements, The Topmaker is a fully adjustable, even, accurate (fraise mowing or shaving) surface removal tool that can shave or profile from 0 – 40mm depth.

  • Shave the thatch layer, perform minor subsidence levelling or profile for turf replacement,
  • Remove thatch or weeds off site in one efficient operation leaving a level clean surface,
  • Mechanical weed removal of tufted grasses like Winter Grass, Wire Grass and Cross Foot
  • Koro FTMAs a harvesting tool for vegetative plant material, grass ‘stolons’ can be generated efficiently and to size depending on turf variety requirements,
  • Regeneration of surface is rapid with most of our warm season grasses,
  • Pre-emergent herbicides can be applied after FTM to promote a weed free surface.
  • Mechanical, not chemical weed removal, save money and the environment



Conventional Renovation Techniques

We offer a range of aerators, topdressing and scarifying equipment to support our sustainable systems

Renovation Equipment

VertidrainAeravatorAeration Equipment

  • Verti-Drain 200H
  • Verti-Drain 7521
  • Verti-Drain 2200 Concord
  • Aera-vator
  • Aggravator 2.4m

Scarification Equipment

  • TR 50 with 8m³ collection bin
  • Koro Scarifying reel (32mm spacing)

Tycrop Quick PassHarley Power RakeTop Dressing & Amendment Spreading

  • Scorpion
  • Vicon pendulum spreader
  • Dacota 412 material spreader

Other Turf Equipment

  • Precision overplanting and line planting
  • BlecavatorAtom dual post laser blade
  • New Holland skid steer loader
  • ASV SR-70 Positrack (skid steer) loader
  • Harley power rake MX7
  • Dingo mini loader and rotary hoe
  • 1.8m rotary hoe
  • Blecavator (stone burring rotary hoe)
  • Lely power harrows



Refurbishment NOT Reconstruction

utilise your assets – cost effective, sustainable solutions

Laser GraderWe have a range of systems that can be implemented to solve a variety of scenarios.

Minor resurfacing of existing sports fields keeping existing grass species

  • Remove thatch, weeds and minor undulations with Koro Field Topmaker,
  • Generate soil for minor re leveling with the Koro Recycling Dresser,
  • Level with spreader bars or laser grader,
  • Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to check for unwanted weed germination,
  • Field recovery in 6 – 8 weeks,
  • Skid Steer Laser GraderFollow up topdressing or Koro Recycle Dressing any time when suitable.

Major Resurfacing of existing sports fields.

  • Total kill spray of all existing weeds and grass types,
  • Rip and Cultivate with Bleckavator,
  • Laser grade,
  • Apply amendments and incorporate,
  • Re grade, consolidate and prepare for planting,
  • Stolonise or line plant with improved turf grass,
  • Surface ready in 12-16 weeks depending on time of year,
  • Solid turf with maxi rolls and field is ready in 3-4 weeks,
  • Maxi Roll InstallerFollow up topdressing or Koro Recycle Dressing any time when suitable.



Grassing Solutions

our integrated turf farms can supply a wide range of grasses and systems suitable for sports fields

Turf Installation Systems

  • Line planting and over planting into existing grassed surfaces without disrupting Maxi Rollsplay. Change over your turf grass by over planting with an improved variety to extend the playing hours and reduce costly repair bills. This equipment accurately plants fresh cut stolons into channels with minimal disturbance of the surface. Depending on climatic conditions we can have a 100% cover in as little as 3 months.
  • Solid turf with maxi rolls. Available in for all grass varieties.
  • "Lay & Play" An extra thick profile that will not move. Ready to use immediately.

Turf varieties include

  • Lay Play TurfAgriDark—Probably the best sports turf variety available, rapid recovery from damage, high wear tolerance, low leaf water content, low water requirements, fast establishment, good colour retention all year round,
  • Oz Tuff—Highest wear tolerance of any turf grass, salt resistant, low water requirements, & low maintenance, no seed head, superior colour retention in drought and cold temperatures,
  • Wintergreen—Widely used hybrid green couch with moderate wear characteristics,
  • Kikuyu—An old favourite for field in the southern parts of Australia, better suited to cooler climates.


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