AgriDark Premium Sports Turf

AgriDark is a fine leaf couch variety that is relatively new to the Australian market, however it is rapidly gaining popularity & becoming known as a high performance sports turf & a very well presenting residential turf through its excellent qualities such as its dark green appearance, drought tolerance, rapid...

Sir Walter Buffalo

The uniquely Australian made blade. That’s Sir Walter, created and developed right here to cope with our harsh Australian climates. This home-grown heritage makes Sir Walter better suited to our environment and more able to thrive under a variety of applications, from domestic landscaping to large public grounds and gardens. Sure...

Empire Zoysia

Empire has a dark green colour that is retained all year round except under frost. The texture of the leaf is wide and coarse, but relatively soft compared to other Zoysia Varieties. It has a moderate to good shade tolerance, and excellent drought resistance once established.


This new, improved variety is vastly superior to the old favourite (Queensland Blue Couch). A lot of the problems have been bred out, producing a sensational grass for the home lawn.