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AgriDark is a fine leaf couch variety that is relatively new to the Australian market, however it is rapidly gaining popularity & becoming known as a high performance sports turf & a very well presenting residential turf through its excellent qualities such as its dark green appearance, drought tolerance, rapid recovery, surface density & luxurious soft feel. 


  • Fabulous year round dark green colour
  • Soft & fine width leaves
  • A very dense spongy feel under foot
  • Even & fast vertical growth
  • Low seed head production making it highly suitable for cylinder mowing.
  • Compact rhizomes beneath the surface keeps the field surface tight & secure


  • Low to zero light tolerance, AgriDark has proved to be superior over all other sports turf couch grasses in stadiums where light is critical for turf grass survival, these stadiums are now experiencing superior regeneration when subjected to extended periods of zero light when covered by an event,
  • Rapid Establishment on minimal water requirements, either solid turf or stolons, this variety strikes faster than any turf we have experienced with very little water in both summer & winter,
  • High wear resistance & rapid recovery from damage all year round,
  • Low leaf water content, meaning less loss of traction in the wet (ideal for sports field surfaces)
  • Superior colour retention down to -2°C frost temperatures
  • Good drought tolerance once established


  • Requires regular mowing due to its rapid growth & recovery however this can be easily managed with growth regulators when growth is not required,
  • Weed control requirements are minimal due to the dense habit, like most Cynodons weed control is easy with selective herbicides,
  • Disease and pest resistance has been excellent with actively growing turf, since planting at our farm in 2010 we have had no disease issues and very little pest pressure with AgriDark,
  • Does not require much watering to maintain lush green appearance,
  • Dense root system requires de-thatching approximately once a year,
  • Due to AgriDark's high performance, it does require a decent amount of fertiliser throughout the year, 2-3 applications annually of a good quality slow release fertiliser is ideal, 
  • Can be mowed quite low (scalped) and will recover, and is perfect for cylinder mowing,
  • In full sun applications AgriDark can easily be mown as low as 10mm, to achieve these low heights you would need to use a high quality mower (preferably a cylinder mower) at least twice a week during the warmer months, however a normal home lawn would generally not be mown any lower than 20mm but areas with low light should be cut higher again.


  • Excellent wear resistance, however if worn out will recover quickly,
  • Reasonably low water requirement compared to other high performance sports grasses,
  • Good drought tolerance, however if left to turn brown in the winter it will recover after a decent watering or rain event.


  • In South East Queensland AgriDark can easily be established all year round.  With its superior fast strike rate AgriDark will have roots in the ground in 4 days in summer and one to two weeks in winter. 
  • Watering requirements are less frequent than most varieties but to avoid leaf loss in hot months it is best to follow our normal turf establishment guidelines
  • A healthy AgriDark lawn will not allow weed encroachment but if this does occur most weeds (except other green couch varieties) can easily be controlled, contact an All Turf consultant for advice in this instance.
  • For a guide on how to prepare & establish your new lawn visit our DIY PAGE

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AgriDark takes centre stage in ANZ Stadium Sydney (Olympic Park)

anz stadium


AgriDark couch grass is the preferred couch for us at the ANZ Stadium; in my opinion it has outperformed all the other couch we have used.

We trialed AgriDark at the stadium for several years before installing it as our preferred couch on both our playing surface and at our turf nurseries.

It has ticked all the boxes for us in terms of its ability to i) provide a high quality playing surface in a multi-use venue and for a variety of sports, and ii) its ability to recover from high use as well as other events such as concerts.

AgriDark is a turf grass I would highly recommend for any natural grass sports surface.

Graeme Logan

ANZ Stadium Curator 




Agridark has been involved in two DEEDI trials.
  • Salt tolerance: DEEDI Bart tested AgriDArk for salt tolerance and it came second overall to Seashore Paspalum beating all other couch’s in the trial,
  • Mowing requirements: The trinexpac-ethyl study will compare AgriDark against all other market couches, this trial is currently in progress.


Temperature test
  • Many couches were grown at government house in Canberra ACT to see what couch grass should be used in a climate that is both hot and cold in winter with drought problems.
  • AgriDark was stolonised while the other turf varieties were established with solid turf. 
  • By the end of summer AgriDark had caught up to the solid turf and the interesting factor is that it came out of dormancy weeks before all others.
  • The other couch’s included in the trial were; Conquest, Legend, Grand Prix, AussiBlues and others.
Flood test
  • AgriDark is currently being used in over flow basins in New Zealand for water treatment plants.
  • It has been field proven to withstand the flooding and can be submerged under water by 1.5 meters for 30 days at a time, and after the water subsides, the AgriDark is still thick and alive, while maintaining ground cover and suppressing weeds.
Recovery from zero Sunlight
  • Previously in Aotea Square protesters have been setup on AgriDark Turf for months.
  • After the protests finished Edward Hall (Director at Turf Science Ltd) called up and spoke of how the AgriDark recovered very well in all areas including large tent sites which were receiving little to no water and sunlight.
  • All Turf Solutions is currently conducting some in house testing on AgriDark's recovery speed from zero light & its overall shade resistance, we covered a patch of AgriDark & Wintergreen for 10 days with a piece of plywood, and when removed the AgriDark recovered fully in 5-6 days whereas the Wintregreeen took 12 days. the full results can be found on our blog