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This new, improved variety is vastly superior to the old favourite (Queensland Blue Couch). A lot of the problems have been bred out, producing a sensational grass for the home lawn.

With improved wear, drought, weed and disease resistance, this grass is a blessing for the Queensland Blue Couch lawn enthusiast. Suitable for home lawns, parks and commercial areas this grass out-performs all other couch grasses in terms of its colour & aesthetics when maintained properly.


  • A luxurious soft to touch feel which is very dense underfoot,
  • The leaf width is fine to medium,
  • Deep dark blue-green colour that presents exceptionally well with a cylinder mowing. 


  • Good drought resistance has been recorded with Aussiblue, however with no irrigation/ water this grass browns off and goes dormant,
  • It has a dense thatch layer and during dormancy this acts like mulch, inhibiting weeds and other grasses from establishing, once it rains it greens up overnight,
  • Thriving in full sun, Aussiblue has better shade resistance than Queensland Blue Couch and normal Green Couch Varieties. If the shade is a problem especially during the winter months, raise your mowing heights to expose more leaf area to the available sun. 


  • Aussiblue is famous for weed suppression. Other grasses and weeds find it difficult to infest,
  • The Queensland DPI have found the Aussiblue requires the lowest fertiliser inputs to maintain its colour compared to other couch grasses,
  • Mowing is slightly more frequent than for a Queensland Blue Couch lawn,
  • Mowing is best performed at a time when the turf is at its driest. The juicy nature of this grass can make the clippings clump together if they are wet. 


  • Excellent wear resistance is one of the great attributes for the residential lawn enthusiast,
  • This active turf variety grows more quickly than Queensland Blue Couch making it hardier and self-repairing,
  • It is more resistant to fungal diseases like Dollar Spot which can quickly decimate a Queensland Blue Couch lawn.


  • In South East Queensland AussiBlue can be established all year round, however, it is quite susceptible to frost, if the turf farm gets frosted then the turf may be too weak to harvest, so availability of this variety throughout winter time may be affected, so it's best to call ahead and check with us 1800ALLTURF
  • We recommend following our normal turf establishment guidelines
  • For a guide on how to prepare & establish your new lawn visit our DIY PAGE