Empire Zoysia

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Empire has a dark green colour that is retained all year round except under frost. The texture of the leaf is wide and coarse, but relatively soft compared to other Zoysia Varieties. It has a moderate to good shade tolerance, and excellent drought resistance once established. Empire is a very slow growing grass, making it an excellent choice for small gardens. Due to its slow growth habits it is not advised to install Empire during the cooler winter months.


  • Empire Zoysia has a deep blueish green colour, broader leaves & a thick growing profile (somewhere in between Buffalo & Couch),
  • Under harsh sun or in temperate winters, it maintains its colour,


  • “Empire” has deep roots and a tight thatch matrix to keep moisture in and most weeds out,
  • Broader leaves give Empire a 'moderate' shade tolerance,


  • “Empire” is also resistant to many insect and fungal pests. The lower fertiliser requirements means less spraying for you and safer for the environment,
  • Empire is the slowest growing variety we stock, its mowing requirements are almost nil over autumn & winter, and really only needs mowing every 2-3 weeks during the growing season, it also requires less water and fertiliser,
  • Unfortunately due to the slow growth it is not advisable to plant Empire in winter time.


  • Extremely drought resistant once established,
  • Has a good salt tolerance in well drained soils,
  • Grows well in all soil conditions, from sand to heavier poorly drained soils,
  • Empire has a good wear tolerance however it can also be quite slow to recover from any damage so it is not ideally suited for high constant wear areas such as driveways, playgrounds, walking tracks etc.


  • Residential & commercial lawns,
  • Ornamental uses (display gardens),
  • Coastal areas,
  • Full sun or shade.