New Frontier Buffalo

  New Frontier Logo with R trade mark Colour

Coming Soon - Mid to Late 2018


New Frontier is an exciting new low maintenance soft leaf buffalo variety that has approx 50% less mowing than Sir Walter. All the benefits of other buffalo varieties like shade, wear & drought resistance but without the hassle of having to empty your mower catcher every 2 minutes.


  • Dark green colour, maintained all year round,
  • Grows in shade & full sun,
  • Grows well in cooler climates,
  • Short & wide leaves, very soft to the touch. 


  • Rapid horizontal spread rate, runners send down roots as quickly as they run over the ground
  • Fine and dense root system which allows New Frontier to grow well in all soil conditions, even sand
  • Good wear tolerance 


  • New Frontier is extremely low maintenance when compared to all other buffalo varieties,
  • Mowing requirements are less than half of other buffalo,
  • Weeds generally struggle to establish through the dense leaf matrix of New Frontier, however, if they do it is important to use selective herbicides that are designed for use on buffalo lawns. 


  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Shade tolerant 


  • Due to its slow growth rate it can take a bit longer to establish, especially in cooler months however it does not require as much water to keep it green during the establishment period,
  • Once established it is important to gradually back off the watering to less frequently to encourage New Frontier's drought tolerance.