OZ TUFF Premium Turfgrass

OzTuff colour longsrgb 400w



This fine textured, low maintenance premium turf grass is one of the most exciting environmentally responsible grasses to be developed in recent years. It’s tough and drought resistant, making this grass highly suitable for sports turf, residential lawns and commercial areas. The exceptional high salt and poor water resistant qualities of OzTuff make it highly suitable for areas affected by animal urine and salt water.


  • Fine leaf that is quite soft to the touch & dense under foot,
  • Medium to high density thatch,
  • Low growing profile (shorter leaves),
  • Year round deep dark green colour that is maintained under very low fertiliser inputs.


  • Extensive deep root system aiding with drought tolerance and wear recovery,
  • The highest salt tolerance of any couch variety, suitable for coastal areas & poolsides,
  • Tolerates low water quality such as recycles water & site run-off water,
  • Maintains natural dark green colour & grows well even in poorer quality soils where nutrition would be considered inadequate for other turf varieties,
  • Despite its toughness, OZ TUFF is still a highly attractive ornamental grass when well maintained,
  • Can be cut as "ready turf" or "maxi rolls" so it is ideal for sports field & commercial use.


  • Requires very low fertiliser inputs to maintain that deep dark green colour.
  • Much of OZ TUFF’s growing energy is directed laterally, the lack of upright growth and fine leaf structure significantly reduces the mowing frequency without compromising the turf quality or recovery from damage,
  • Mowing frequencies;
    • Summer/Spring: twice a month at a height of approx 18-25mm
    • Winter/Autumn: once a month (sometimes less) at a height of 25-30mm (5-10mm higher in shaded areas)
  • Fertilise every 10-12 weeks during the warmer growing seasons,
  • Seed heads are usually only produced during the establishment period or when under stress, however the seed is not viable, meaning it will not reproduce in your neighbour’s yard,
  • Weed management is easy as OZTUFF has exceptional resistance to most selective herbicides,
  • Performance has shown that common turf pests (e.g. couch mite and lawn grub) and diseases are less active within OZ TUFF,
  • Very low fertiliser & water requirements throughout the year,
  • Very high tolerance to disease.



  • OZ TUFF was ranked #1 for wear tolerance in a 4 year HAL study (TU08018), collected data mirrored results seen in the field where it has been planted on sports fields receiving high usage, OZ TUFF also has a moderate thatch layer which provides greater wear resistance,
  • OZ TUFF has demonstrated it can handle salt water levels 50% of that of sea water, and it proved to have superior performance under conditions of server water stress and high wear when compared to other turf species (TU06006 & TU02005),
  • OZ TUFF is so durable we use it as our daily carpark which is driven over & parked on several times a day by cars & tractors etc,
  • Note the very dense root structure in the image below.
 OzTuff Root System


  • Residential and commercial lawns
  • Coastal foreshore areas, pool surrounds & canal frontages,
  • Sports fields & high profile lawn areas,
  • Overflow carparks or showground areas,
  • Any area where a low maintenance, wear and drought resistant premium turf grass is required.

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