Sir Walter Buffalo

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The uniquely Australian made blade. That’s Sir Walter, created and developed right here to cope with our harsh Australian climates. This home-grown heritage makes Sir Walter better suited to our environment and more able to thrive under a variety of applications, from domestic landscaping to large public grounds and gardens. Sure... there’s turf that’s soft, some are tough, others tolerate temperature extremes... but there’s never been a premium turf that is all these things rolled into one... enter Sir Walter.

All Turf Solutions have been a licenced & certified grower of genuine Sir Walter for over 10 years, when you order from us you get 'the real deal' 


  • Soft in texture and lush that not only feels great underfoot, but is strong enough to endure the rigours of daily family life...bouncing back time after time.
  • Deep blue green colour retention you can enjoy year round like no other turf on the market.


  • Drought resistance is one of Sir Walter’s strong points. Minimal watering to keep its lush green appearance, all-year-’round. Possessing a low thatch growth habit means moisture is locked in through a tight matrix of blades.
  • Full sun & shade tolerant is perfect for both new lawns and replacing older, tree shaded areas.
  • Salt Tolerant. Perfect for coastal areas or inland regions where ground salinity may pose a challenge for other lawn varieties.


  • Low maintenance which equals less attention, more enjoyment.
  • Weed resistant structure keeps your lawn looking and feeling great, whilst keeping nasties such as black beetles and fungal pests at bay as well.


  • Self repairing features of Sir Walter are brought by the unusually long growing season and combined with its unique blade structure. You can enjoy a lawn that self repairs like no other. You’ve got enough things to do around the house without worrying about repairing your lawn too!


  • Residential and commercial lawns,
  • Parklands,
  • Anywhere shaded.

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