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This warm season Green Couch hybrid has been used on playing fields and home lawns Australia wide for many years. A hard wearing fine textured variety which retains good colour down to frost temperatures. Left alone with minimal maintenance this grass will survive and provide a cover. Look after it and it can be the best lawn in the street. The name Winter Green was first given to this hybrid Green Couch due to its improved winter colour performance over other Green Couch hybrids at the time.


  • Fine textured leaf of about 3mm wide.
  • Green all year round except in frost regions. Regular mowing, especially with a cylinder mower can provide great results.


  • Under minimal watering and fertilizing, Wintergreen will maintain a cover stopping weeds from germinating and providing soil stabilization.
  • Extremely Durable in full sun and low shaded areas and is perfect for both new lawns and replacing old lawns
  • Excellent Drought Performance, once established, Wintergreen can be left to dry out eventually turning brown. In most cases, it will survive with no watering. Due to its high thatch load, this grass will smother out weeds. Even when it is dry this thatch will act like mulch stopping weeds from germinating.


  • Low maintenance which equals less attention, more enjoyment.
  • Regular Mowing is the key to avoid the scalping effect that is commonly seen with this grass. If left too long the mower cuts off all of the leaf exposing the thatch.
  • Cylinder Mowing produces the best results as they tend to ride on top of the thatch and grass, unlike rotary mowers.


  • Self-repairing features of Wintergreen makes it a great all year round grass to enjoy. You’ve got enough things to do around the house without worrying about repairing your lawn too!


  • Residential and commercial lawns, parks.