All Turf Solutions proudly produces AusGAP Certified Turf. This is a rigorous process that we go through to ensure you are getting the very best turf quality.

The Australian Genetic Assurance Program – AusGAP – is Australia’s leading turfgrass certification program. AusGAP was created to provide customers with a quality assurance that the turf they receive has been frown to a stringent set of standards that ensure the highest quality product.

AusGAP: Your turfgrass purity assurance

When you purchase AusGAP certified turf you can be sure you are purchasing turf from the best producers in the industry. AusGAP certified producers must adhere to a strict set of guidelines in a variety of areas which include:

  • Turf is free of weeds, disease and pest damage
  • Accurate turf knowledge and information provided at point of sale
  • After sales care
  • Environmental impact
  • Work Health & Safety legislation
  • Delivery methods
  • Turf is genetically pure and true to type
  • Appropriately trained and licensed employees

Thanks to our AusGAP accreditation, you can be confident that the turf you purchase from All Turf Solutions is of the highest quality. Explore our AusGAP Certified turf varieties under the “Turf Varieties” tab.

Lawn Solutions Australia is Australia’s largest network of turf specialists offering consolidation and consistency for its national network of turf production, product and research facilities. We have the best grasses for today and we’re working on the best grasses for the future. But we are more than just turf suppliers. Our growers and suppliers are professionals who go the extra mile to make your lawn perfect. From expert advice about the best grass for your locality, to tips on calculating the amount of turf you need, and our highly professional turf installation services. To complement this, all Lawn Solutions Australia members also offer premium lawn care products to ensure your lawn stays in great shape all year round.

Turf Australia

Turf Producers Australia Ltd (TPA), trading as Turf Australia, is the representative body of the Turf industry comprising of levy-paying turf producers and individual members Australia wide.

The Mission of Turf Australia is to support its members and lead a sustainable natural turfgrass industry.

Through communication and advocacy, we ensure that Turf and our industry are valued by the Australian community, regulators and special interest groups. Through strong arguments based on scientific research, we demonstrate that Turf has an important role to play in managing the impacts of climate change.

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