Our Farms

Our farms have been designed from the get-go to be as sustainable as possible with next to no negative impacts on the environment. Turf farming in general is already carbon neutral. We just want to take that a step further. We are very proud of what we have achieved and some of our initiatives have been.

  • Our main production farm was designed to contain 95% of its water runoff on-site. Excess water is caught in large soaks and absorbed back into the soil.
  • Organic principles have been adopted in our turf production. We apply seaweed and worm juice monthly and inoculate with biology every three months to help produce a healthy plant. This in turn limits the requirement to apply pesticides.
  • The use of Glyphosate is almost omitted entirely from our turf production and its use has been limited to keeping borders of paddocks clean only.
  • We produce our own compost with turf scraps and silage we grow on farms. We do source the chicken litter as an ingredient for our compost production, but this is sourced from a neighbouring farm so very few truck movements are required. Only finished off compost is applied to our paddocks after harvest to improve biology and nutrition.
  • No synthetic urea or controlled release urea is used which can cause damage to microbes and nutrification of our waterways. We do apply small amounts of ammonium-based fertiliser for additional nitrogen and other elements if required which is seldom as our soils are extremely well balanced.
  • A modern fleet of farm equipment and trucks produces the lowest emissions possible. We are constantly looking for improvements in our fleet to lower emissions.
  • We have embarked on a tree planting programme to provide more habitat and help mitigate potential erosion on our riverbanks.

We are presently researching:

  • More solar power installations.
  • Hydropower to run our irrigation at night.
  • Processing the introduced fish “European Carp” into fertiliser has degraded our once pristine river to a murky waterway.

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