Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

$14.90 m2

Australia’s Best Buffalo Grass

Being a reputable breeder of authentic Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo for over 20 years, you can have complete confidence that you are receiving genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass from All Turf Solutions. We proudly provide our services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, ensuring you receive top-quality grass with complete confidence.

Sir Walter DNA Certified is really the go anywhere, grow anywhere variety, and here’s why:

  • High shade tolerance
  • Low to medium maintenance requirements
  • Low allergenic
  • Low to medium watering requirements
  • Soft-leaved
  • Weed resistant
  • Lush and green broad leaf

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Key Benefits of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Drought Resistance

Sir Walter thrives in hot climates, especially when coupled with shade. It’s roots grow deep into the subsoil, gathering the moisture it needs. Sir Walter can reduce the heat generated by up to 10 degrees!! Giving a natural cooling effect.

Shade Tolerance

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is among the very best performers in shady areas and can thrive with as little as two hours of sunlight per day. Due to it’s broad leaves, this causes it to photosynthesise well, helping it deal with high shade.

Low Maintenance

Due to Sir Walter’s tight growth habits, it tends to hold out most weeds.

Sir Walter has a low to medium mowing requirement; you can easily get away with once a week mowing during spring & summer and fortnightly, if not longer, during autumn & winter!

Ensuring Authenticity: Genuine Sir Walter Turf

Beware of imitators! We are an accredited Lawn Solutions Australia member and are AusGAP certified. We grow “Breeder Guaranteed” Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. Get the real deal!

Sir Walter DNA Certified

DNA Certification

Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) commenced an extensive DNA testing process with all of their members in late 2015. This was to further insure that the Sir Walter Buffalo Turf that was being produced and sold by LSA members was the genuine, high-quality turf product that Australians know, trust, and love.

Avoiding Imitations

Tips to ensure you are getting the real deal:

  • Be sure you are purchasing from an Lawn Solutions Australia member or accredited Lawn Solutions Centre
  • Look for the logo, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo
  • Be sure to check that you have received a copy of AusGAP Certification & Lawn Solutions Australia 10-year Product Warranty Certificate with your order.

Sir Walter DNA Certified logo

Sir Walter Turf Characteristics

Appearance and Texture

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass has a soft, broad leaf and is a lush green colour. If you’d like to see for yourself, touch, and feel, come visit our display at 2125 Beaudesert Beenleigh Road, Tamborine. Please give us a curtesy call prior to heading over to ensure our display is staffed.

Growth Habits

Sir Walter Buffalo has a tight growth habit that holds out most weeds. Sir Walter also has the ability to repair itself quickly if it sustains heavy damage, lessening the incidence of bare patches.

Environmental Adaptability

Sir Walter is bred for the Australian climate! It is unbeatable when it comes to handling what our environment throws at it!

Mother and Son sitting down on new Sir Walter grass

Installing Your Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Site Preparation

Read our blog, How to Prepare Soil for Turf for more information on site preparation.

Laying Turf

Read our blog, How to Lay Turf for handy tips on installing your new Sir Walter lawn.

Initial Care

Days 1-7

  • Watering twice daily in the morning and afternoon to the point of runoff. In extreme heat conditions, you may need to water the leaf a third time to keep it moist.

Days 7-14

  • IF TURF PULLS UP: Water twice daily, giving your new lawn a good soak.
  • IF TURF WON’T PULL UP: Water every morning.

After First Mow

  • Watering once every second day or as required, preferably in the morning.


  • Whenever you finish a watering cycle, dunk a tea towel in water and hang it on the clothes line. Once the towel is dry, your lawn is ready for another drink.

The information provided above is a guide only; please consider your current climate, weather conditions, and temperatures when using this guide.

Sprinkler watering Sir Walter Turf

Maintenance Tips for Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

  • During the first two to three weeks, avoid walking on your new lawn. This allows the root system to firmly knit with the underlay and ensures that the turf will remain smooth and free from lumps and bumps.
  • Giving your lawn its first mow can be done once you can no longer lift any of the turf slabs. Depending on the turf varieties, this could be as little as 7 days! When giving your lawn its initial mow, complete this on a slightly higher setting than normal and slowly bring it down to your preferred height.
  • Lawn Care: Apply Lawn Solutions Fertiliser in 6–8 weeks to finish off the establishment period.

Watering Schedule

We recommend watering deeply once a week, 10mm in winter and 25mm in summer.

You can reduce this to watering fortnightly in winter & early autumn, or as required, depending on the climate.

Mowing Guidelines

The recommended mowing height for Sir Walter is between 30 and 50mm. When kept in high-shade areas or cooler climates, it is recommended to be kept on the high side of the above recommendation.

Fertilisation and Weed Control

Take a look at the following products, which are great to use on the Sir Walter Buffalo Grass:

  • Grub Guard Ultimate: Application required in October and January. Apply for 3 months protection again Lawn Grubs
  • Exceed Liquid Fertiliser or Lawn Solutions Fertiliser: Applications can be in spring, autumn, summer, or winter; otherwise, spring and autumn applications are fine.
  • Lawn Rescue: Application during the summer months, when your lawn may need to be drought-proofed and to help from any heat stress.

Home with fresh Sir Walter Turf

Sir Walter Turf Vs Other Buffalo Grass

There are many Buffalo varieties available on the market! But we can prove to you why Sir Walter Buffalo is the best Buffalo grass available!

Born right here in Australia, since 1997, there have been over 100 million metres of Sir Walter sold in Australia. It is without a doubt the most beloved turf in Australia, a distinction that different buffalo turf grasses have never held.

Most Buffalo grasses are a deep green colour, have high shade tolerances and drought tolerances (when coupled with a shaded environment), great wear tolerance, and are extremely salt tolerant.

But not all buffalo grasses are the same! Each buffalo grass has its own differing qualities. Overall, they all respond and grow well in a vast variety of growing conditions, and they are strong in the fight against weeds thanks to their quick and thick growing ability. But if you really want the best Buffalo grass, the only Buffalo grass to pick is Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo. Nothing can surpass Sir Walter!

Reasons why Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is the Best Buffalo Grass born!

  1. Genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified
  2. AusGAP Certified
  3. Years of Research & Experience growing Sir Walter lawn
  4. It looks brilliant all year round
  5. Easy to Maintain
  6. Tough against pests & disease
  7. Low Allergenic
  8. Top for Shade Tolerance
  9. Aussie-owned and Aussie-grown

Comparison with Other Turfs

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass vs Sir Grange Zoysia Turf

Sir Walter vs. Sir Grange Zoysia: These two varieties are extremely close competitors! Both have excellent shade tolerance, weed resistance, and pest resistance. Their performance overall is equal, with the choice coming down to overall buyer preference. The main difference between both is that Sir Grange has a finer leaf and Sir Walter is broad.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass vs Nullarbor Couch Turf

Sir Walter vs. Nullarbor Couch: There are multiple differences between these two varieties. Nullarbor turf needs more attention when it comes to mowing and fertilising, whereas Sir Walter is low-maintenance and requires little mowing or fertilising. Nullarbor requires a full day’s worth of sun, whereas Sir Walter can handle high-shade situations. Nullarbor doesn’t surpass Sir Walter.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass vs TifTuf Bermuda Grass

Sir Walter vs. TifTuf Bermuda: TifTuf Bermuda is a very strong competitor to Sir Walter. They compete with each other where the other lacks. TifTuf turf is an extremely heat and drought tolerant variety, whereas Sir Walter is far more tolerant with shade and can handle heat and drought when coupled with a shaded environment. TifTuf would take the crown for fast repair and wear tolerance over Sir Walter, but must have the appropriate amount of sun per day.


It looks SO GOOD! The dogs love rolling around on it almost as much as I do – Bethany H Lawrence

Bethany's new Sir Walter lawn

Second time buying SWB from these guys for DIY lay. Easy to order online. Delivery guy was friendly and came earlier then expected. Was green on delivery and looked freshly cut with pretty even slab thicknesses! Will be ordering through them again when we do the rest of our yard – Heidi Braun

Heidi's new Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass

Why Choose Us for Your Sir Walter Turf Needs?

We are a reputable breeder of authentic Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo and have been for over 20 years. You can have complete confidence that you are receiving genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass from All Turf Solutions.

Our people within the All Turf Group are locals and have a strong focus on producing quality products and providing excellent customer service.  Our passion is finding the best quality turf and helping people find the right lawn solution for their needs.