Sports Turf Operations Pty Ltd offers a wide range of services to the sports turf industry, we offer cutting edge solutions for sustainable renovations on existing fields and the ability to design & construct new field projects from start to finish.

Formed in 2011, Sports Turf Operations brings together the industry knowledge & expertise of Directors Duncan Swinton & David Lamrock.

In 2011 we introduced to Queensland our Sustainable Turf Renovation Systems that can quickly and cost effectively renovate large areas at a time, by utilising existing assets & with correct profile management. Huge cost savings & some great results can be achieved such as; improved microbial activity & increased water, nutrient and air availability.


Duncan Swinton is Sports Turf’s co director and founder, a trade qualified greenkeeper he has had experience as assistant and Golf Course Superintendent roles for major golf clubs such as Brisbane, Carbrook, Rockhampton, Capricorn International & Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory. Duncan and his family settled in Tamborine in 1999 where he developed his first turf farm and contracting business and is now developing another fam at Rathdowney. He has extensive knowledge of turf grass and all aspects of horticulture & sports turf management and construction.

David Lamrock is Sports Turf Operation other co-director joining the company in this role in 2017. David has worked in the sports turf industry for many years and has gained knowledge in all aspects of sports field renovation, construction and turf maintenance. David’s background brings valuable knowledge and experience to Sports Turf Operations in various earthmoving projects including several large-scale cotton farms in Condobolin and surrounding districts as well as farming and the transport industry in the central west of NSW. David and his family moved interstate to Tamborine in 2012 and is looking forward to the challenges and a continued excellence in service to existing customers and new prospects for Sports Turf Operations.

Collectively we bring 50 years of experience managing, constructing and renovating various sports turf surfaces in Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales, we bring a range of best practice sustainable renovation techniques and specialised equipment to the sports turf industry, which until now was lacking dedicated contractors capable of delivering long term practical and sustainable turf management programs.

Koro Recycling Dresser

This fast, cost effective, single pass renovation tool creates unparalleled soil fracturing to a depth of 150mm and produces 150 tonnes/Ha of topdressing with no extra equipment, manpower or logistical backup (such as delivery trucks).

Total soil fracturing, no need for importing & no waste, surfaces experience minimal disturbance meaning no more build-up of perched layers. It’s mode of operation is simple yet unmatched in our industry in terms of effectiveness & efficiency, the benefits gained are:

• 150mm de-compaction alleviation,

• Significant aeration and infiltration improvements,

• Black layer reduction,

• Re-activation of locked up nutrients within the compacted soil profile,

• Vertical mixing effect,

• Creates 150 tonnes per hectare of topdressing,

• Blades are spaced at 200mm, with 10mm blades 5% of the surface area is removed.

• Mat and thatch removal is reduced by 5%.

• Surface levelling by filling up worn out & rutted low areas,

• Minimize surface hardness,

• Productivity rate of up to 2 hectares per day,

• Significantly faster than any conventional equipment.

“Recycle your assets, save money and the environment”

Koro Imants Field Top Maker (FTM)

The ultimate tool for complete removal of vegetative thatch and weed infestation to your requirements, The Top Maker is a fully adjustable, even, accurate surface removal tool that can fraise mow or profile from +10mm to -30mm in one pass. Minor levelling can be achieved when fraise mowing at depth. We have two, two-meter-wide field top makers with three reel options.

Universe Rotor

• Capable of complete turf removal to -30mm in one pass.

• Fraize mowing options range from 30% to 100% grass and thatch removal in one pass.

• Remove thatch and weeds in one pass.

Scarifying Rotor

• For conventional scarifying or verti-cutting with 3 mm blades.

• Fast, efficient & clean. A single pass is generally all that is required compared to other flail type equipment.

Digging Rotor

• The original digging blade for fraize mowing and surface removal.

• Complete turf and weed removal.

• Profile to -30mm in one fast efficient pass.

Top Dressing & Amendment Spreading

• Dakota 410 spin spreader

• 2 x Dakota 412 spin spreaders

• Vicon pendulum spreader

• Silvan spin spreader

• 2 meter box grader

• Tractor mounted spreader bars

• 6m3 Muck Spreader

Decompaction Equipment

• 1 x Imants 2200 Shockwave
Linear aeration down to 385mm.
Minimal surface disruption allowing aeration mid-season .
Superior decompaction and soil fracturing.

• 2 x Verti-Drain 7521
Ideal for high profile sports field profiles.
Decompaction down to 250mm.

• 1 x Verti-Drain 7215
Ideal for smaller sports fields and high-profile areas with good soil profiles.

• 1x 1.8m Aerovator
Ideal aerator for compact areas like parks.

• 1 x 2.4m Aggravator
Surface shattering decompaction down to 250mm.
Ideal for highly compacted soils where no other machine can penetrate.

• 1x Koro Recycling Dresser
Ultimate compaction relief and soil fracturing.
Recycles the soil in the profile as topdressing removing the need for expensive imports.

Other Turf Equipment

• 2 meter and 3 meter Laser blade drag bucket

• New Holland C227 track skid steer.

• Harley power rake MX7

• Dingo mini loader, trencher & rotary hoe

• 1.8m rotary hoe

• Bleckavator 1.8m

• Power Harrows 3m

• Rippers

Turf  & Seed

• Line/stolon planting.

• Over seeding.

• Turf and installation.

• Turf Cell (for load bearing application).

• Stabilised Turf.

Line/Stolon Planting

Turf stolonising is a simple and cost-effective way to plant large areas of turf, however this is the most time-consuming method as the turf needs time to grow from its stolon’s (10-12 weeks depending on the season & turf variety)
This method is most popular with sports fields, golf courses & parks etc. that have the ability to either close off an area to the public or shut down a playing field in the off-season.
Sport Turf uses its specialised equipment to harvest fresh turf stolon, spread the stolon evenly on site and then work it into the soil whilst mixing it with starter fertilisers & other products as required.

Over Seeding

The BLEC Multi Seeder 2 has been designed to carry out both over seeding and new seeding. The working principle is as follows;

• The Multi Seeder is a 3-point linkage unit equipped with 2 special cast spike ring rollers. Fitted with individual cast spike rings, which can revolve around an inner tube. Both rollers are mounted in a pivoting frame to allow both rollers to follow contours in the ground at all times.

• An adjustable link bar is fitted so the operator can adjust the front roller down lower for more penetration.

• The spike castings penetrate the ground, producing tapered holes ready to accept the grass seed. Both spike rollers punch approximate 1500 holes per square metre saturating the surface with “flowerpot holes”.

• The seed hopper is fitted with a stainless-steel metering sections mounted in the bottom, which are adjustable via a screw adjuster and cam gauge allowing seed rates of between 3-50gms/m2

• An agitator, either a steel rotor or rotary brush (for bent grasses) is driven via the front roll, to feed the seed through the holes. A hydraulic seed shut off mechanism is fitted for ease of operation.

• The grass seed is spread the full width of the machine, with seed falling in the holes and also in between. A drag brush sweeps the seed into the holes.

• The operation is made complete by a rear smooth roller which firms up the surface, pressing down the seedlings and as extra drag brush mounted behind the rear smooth roller for extra good seed incorporation.

• The Multi Seeder is designed for working on ground that is made soft, via moisture or aeration, to allow the spikes to penetrate.


Turf supply and installation

Our integrated turf farm “All TUrf Solutions” is one of the few ITGAP certified farms in Australia and a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia network of growers Australia wide. This certification ensures our turf products are produced and harvested to the highest industry standards.

TifTuf Bermuda
One of the most environmentally responsible turf grasses to be developed in recent years. Extreme drought tolerance boasting at least 50% less water and 50% less nutritional requirements. Great winter colour retention and minimal maintenance inputs. Good shade resistance qualities and extremely high wear tolerance.

High performance sports turf grass boasting superior winter activity and speed of recovery all year round. Low thatch production and low grain make this an ideal turf grass for fine turf sports like cricket, hockey and football. Great wear tolerance.

Sir Grange Zoysia
Known world-wide as “Zeon Zoysia” this amazing variety is being used on golf courses tees to greens, sports fields as well as residential and commercial properties. It’s stunning dark green appearance is only one attribute. It’s imposts and maintenance requirements are extremely low making it one of the most environmentally responsible turf grasses available. Water, fertiliser, pest control and labour are all dramatically reduced with this incredible turf variety.

OZTUFF Australian Couch
A tough hardy variety suitable for a wide range of soil types and water. High wear resistance, low water and fertiliser requirements. Great for erosion control due to it’s extremely tough rhizome matrix. No fibres required.

Sport Field Resurfacing & Construction

We have the expertise and tools at our disposal to efficiently resurface & reconstruct sports fields to any standard. Our background in sports turf management and construction has been invaluable when working with high and low budget institutions. We can offer design, consultation, construction and total turnkey project management to suit your needs.

Sports Turf Operations have been working with local government councils in South East QLD & Northern NSW as well as many private companies to provide cost effective & high-quality sports field renovation solutions since we were founded in 2011.

Services include;

• Civil works & bulk earthworks.

• Laser and GPS control.

• Golf course construction & shaping.

• Irrigation installation & management.

• Drainage installation.

• Turnkey project management.