Guide for Fertilising TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda

4 July 2022

TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda is a low input grass and when it comes to fertilising a less is more approach is best for great results. As TifTuf is already a fast-growing grass, applying too much fertiliser will increase this growth rate and can create a few issues if applied too frequently. So, how much fertiliser should you be applying to your TifTuf lawn and when? Let’s find out…

Why is applying the correct amount of fertiliser important?

When the correct amount of nutrients is applied, your lawn will be able to grow and perform at its maximum potential.

If it is lacking nutrients, your lawn may look hungry and need a boost of nutrients to get back to its former glory.

When too many nutrients are applied, in many cases the lawn will have a surge in growth and will begin to grow excess thatch. This will often leave the grass needing a renovation to remove this in spring and summer.

What fertiliser rates should you be using?

TifTuf is best fertilised with 140g of nitrogen per 100m2 every calendar year. For a larger area this equates to 14 kg over 1000m2. It is best not to exceed this to help avoid a build-up of thatch.

Our recommendations

Granular fertiliser

If you want to use a granular fertiliser, we recommend applying Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser 2 times a year at 2.5kg per 100m2. For best results we recommend applying once in spring and again in autumn. This will provide your lawn with the correct amount of nitrogen year-round, without applying any other forms of fertiliser (liquids, etc.).

lawn fertiliser

Liquid Fertiliser

For liquid fertilisers we recommend using our Lawn Solutions Exceed Liquid Fertiliser. When applying Exceed we recommend applying this 4 times a year. Once in spring, summer, autumn, and winter at the application rate of 194ml per 100m2. This application rate will ensure you apply the recommended amount of nitrogen per year. This is without any other forms of fertiliser (granular, etc.).

exceed liquid fertiliser

Is your TifTuf growing too fast in between mows?

If you can’t mow TifTuf as regularly as you would like, a Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) like Primo Maxx can come in handy.

PGRs will suppress the lawns vertical growth diverting its energy into lateral growth activity, helping it become denser. This will significantly reduce your required mowing frequency. These plant growth regulators are best applied during the warmer months when the lawn is actively growing.

primo maxx


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