Battle Insecticide


Are you losing the battle with lawn pests?

Battle Insecticide is a powerful knockdown and residual pesticide that works through direct contact and by residual action as the pest comes into contact with treated surfaces. Battle is a liquid concentrate that contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin, plus a surfactant to help the product adhere on application.

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Battle treats a broad range of lawn pests including:

    • Lawn Armyworm
    • African Black Beetle Adults
    • Funnel Ants & other species
    • Subterranean Termites
    • Argentine Stem Weevil
    • Billbug Adults
    • Midges, Fleas & Ticks
    • Papernest Wasps

Battle Insecticide can be used as a protective treatment when applied at regular intervals or as a knockdown treatment to control existing pests.