Bow & Arrow 500ml


The standard for broadleaf weed kill in the Australian turf industry. For the control of various broadleaf weeds. Safe for use on many turf varieties including Buffalo and Blue Couch. 500mL of Bow & Arrow can treat up to 1000sqm.

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Bow & Arrow 500mL

Bow & Arrow Herbicide provides outstanding control of broadleaf weeds in turf. Broadleaf weeds including White Clover, Plantain, Capeweed, Cat’s ear, Bindii, Cudweed, Creeping oxalis.


  • High level of efficacy
  • One standard application rate
  • No volatility concerns
  • Superior turf safety (cool and warm season grasses)
  • A mix of active ingredients for improved resistance management
  • No odour

Recommend to use this product with Wetter 600 for more effective results.

Disclaimer: Bow & Arrow can cause temporary discolouration to QLD Blue Couch, Carpet Grass and Kikuyu varieties of turf. 

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