OxaFert 3kg

$53.35 each

For all home lawns except cool season grasses (ryegrass/fescue), Santa Ana couch or newly seeded areas.
It is a preventative selective Herbicide & Fertiliser for annual grasses and broad-leaf weeds.


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Summergrass, Crowsfoot, Wintergrass and Creeping Oxalis.

Approximate Coverage

3kg bag covers approximately up to 100m2


Post-emergent herbicide should be applied to area to kill established weeds and turf should be free of weeds prior application.
Apply product evenly to dry foliage and bare areas using a granular fertiliser spreader to give an even coverage. Applications must be made before weeds have begun to germinate.
Irrigate with 10mm of water after application.
If longer pre-emergent control is required a repeat application should be made 7-10 weeks after initial application.


Not to be used for any purpose, or in any manner, contrary to this label unless authorised under appropriate legislation.

Product Details

  • Will not inhibit turf root regrowth or recovery from damage.
  • Will not harm healthy turf.
  • Controls weeds by controlling weed seedlings as they come in contact with the herbicide during germination.
  • Will not prevent roots from tacking down.


16:2:6 + 16% S, 1.5% Fe & 0.2% Mg.