Weed Wands And Weed Pullers

Weed wands and weed pullers

29 September 2021

Weed wands and weed pullers are a great way to remove unwanted weeds from your lawn. To help you know when you should use each of these, we have put together a guide on the dos and don’ts of weed pullers and weed wands.

Weed Wands

weed wand

Firstly, let’s look at what weed wands are and when they are best used. Weed wands are a stick that disperses herbicides to a small, selected area of your lawn. These sticks are usually around 1 metre tall, eliminating the need for you to bend or kneel to treat weeds. Weed wands are used to precisely apply herbicides. They are mostly used in situations where there are no herbicides that will selectively treat the weed or grass without harming your lawn, like invasive grasses and hard to remove weeds like onion weed. Non-selective herbicides like roundup are poured into the wand and are dispersed by an applicator on the end of the wand.

The weed wand applicator will usually look like a small paintbrush and will disperse the herbicide to the weed. When using these, it is best to dab the product onto the weed instead of using a sweeping motion to allow for a more accurate application.


  • Weed wands have a small applicator, allowing for accuracy upon application.
  • Weed wands are best used with a non-selective herbicide that contains glyphosate, like roundup. Non-selective herbicides will kill everything that they touch. This can be handy if you do not know what type of weed you are treating.
  • The weed wand applicator is on the end of the stick so there is no need to bend or kneel.


  • When using a weed wand, you will need to be careful to only apply the product to the weed you are wanting to treat and not your lawn as it will kill it too.
  • As the weed wand is on the end of a stick, you will have less control of where the applicator will go.

Yates Weed Wand

One of our favourite weed wands is the Yates weed wand. This weed wand comes with a handy screw-on safety cap which is great for when the wand isn’t in use. The wand has a specially designed valve on the brush that prevents any of the product from leaking into your lawn when moving between weeds across your lawn.

Weed Pullers

There is a wide range of weed pullers that are available on the market. Some are small handheld pullers; some have serrated edges making them easier to use in different soil types and some are stand-up pullers stopping you from bending and kneeling. Most will pull the entire plant and root system out. While most weeds can be pulled out, there are some you shouldn’t. Have a look at our blog here for more information on weeds you shouldn’t remove by hand.

weed puller


  • Weed pullers do not require herbicides. This is particularly handy for those wanting to keep their garden organic.
  • Is one of the easiest and quickest ways to remove weeds from your lawn!
  • The right tool will be able to remove the roots of the entire weeds.
  • Stand-up weed pullers don’t require you to bend over or kneel to remove weeds.
  • You won’t run the risk of accidentally killing your lawn.


  • Some weed pullers will not be able to remove the entire root system of the weed.
  • Can be time-consuming.
  • Hand-held pullers require you to bend and kneel to remove weeds.

Fiskars Weed Puller

The Fiskars Weed Puller is one of the most popular weed pullers on the market. It is light and easy to use. With this, you don’t need to bend or kneel to remove weeds. The puller has deep-reaching claws that can pull out all the weeds’ roots. This puller is best used in soft soil, where there is little compaction and clay.

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