Bindii (Jo-Jo)

6 February 2023

Treating Bindii (Jo-Jo)

Bindii is a low growing weed with a flower at its centre. At maturity, the flower produces a prickly seed pod which is a menace during the warmer months when we are trying to enjoy our lawns. These seed pods contain the prickly seeds that causes the pain to our bare feet. So, it is best to target bindii before it goes to seed in early spring.

bindii weed

Bindii Treatment

Bindii can be managed by hand or by applying a selective broadleaf herbicide like Amgrow Bin-Die or All Purpose Weed Control. Amgrow Bin Die comes in a concentrate form and will need to be mixed up with water in a knapsack or pressure sprayer. All Purpose Weed Control has an easy-to-use clip on hose attachment. By blanket-spraying all affected areas with one of these selective herbicides, the bindii should die off within 7-10 days. These products will help to eradicate Bindii and are safe to use on most varieties of buffalo except the ST varieties. Bin-Die is suitable for use on most other grasses including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn, Sir Grange Zoysia, TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda, Nullarbor Couch Grass, Eureka Kikuyu, RTF Fescue and Platinum Zoysia. When using herbicides, wait until the products has dried and absorbed before letting your pets back out onto the lawn.

all purpose weed control bin die herbicide

A couple of repeat applications may be required to kill off Bindii that continue to emerge.

Bindii grows in the Winter and go to seed in early Spring. 

The best way to keep on top of Bindii is through prevention by regularly fertilising and watering. This will help your lawn become healthier and less susceptible to the infiltration of weeds. Raising your lawn mower height is particularly important in winter and will help you to avoid scalping of your grass. Scalping will also make your lawn more susceptible to weed invasion. When weeds do occur, it is important to act early. That way you can get on top of them before they are more difficult to manage.

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