Lawn Kelper

$44.00 each

Lawn Kelper Liquid Nutrient Package is a balanced formulation with the added additions of Trace Elements, Seaweed Kelp and Fulvic Acid.

This formulation is designed specifically for turf/lawns to increase turf vigor and stimulate and strengthen roots and shoots. Ideal to use year round to keep your lawn looking dark green and healthy.

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Lawn Kelper can be used on all grass types including kikuyu, couch, buffalo, zoysia and cool season varieties.

Approximate Coverage

2.5L covers approximately up to 1,000m2


Best applied morning or afternoon.
Apply higher rates if you require quicker update and response.
Can be applied monthly all year.
Lightly water-in after application.


Avoid applying to footpaths, driveways and other hard surfaces.
This product contains Iron and if not washed off immediately it can stain hard surfaces.
This product is safe to use in a domestic situation, around humans and domestic animals.

Product Details

  • Nutrient rich to increase lawn health and leaf growth.
  • Strengthens turf resilience against disease and pest activity.
  • Organic kelp will stimulate roots and shoot growth.
  • Improves turf vigour and strength.

Application Rates

Knapsack Sprayer
Application Rate 250-500ml | Water Volume 7lt-10lts | Area 100m2

Watering Can
Application Rate 20ml | Water Volume 5lts | Area 2-4m2