TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda has a very fine, super soft leaf blade with dense growth & a beautiful dark green colour. By far the best-looking grass in its type. Its density enables it to handle high wear situations like backyards and sports field, making TifTuf turf the Brisbane, Ipswich & Gold Coast choice for turfing solutions.

Want to come and see for yourself? TifTuf Bermuda is on display at Tamborine. 

Sir Grange Zoysia

Why Choose Sir Grange Zoysia Turf in Brisbane or Gold Coast?

Sir Grange Zoysia is a stunning fine-bladed premium turf variety, with a beautiful dark green colour.

Sir Grange Turf in Brisbane has been hand selected from over 10,000 different varieties of turf, with its superior qualities making it stand out from the crowd. You can be sure that Sir Grange has been tried and tested, that once established, to stand up to whatever the Aussie climate can throw at it.

Sir Grange was originally developed for the golf industry but it was soon discovered that due to its characteristics, it would make a fantastic home lawn. Its adaptability to a variety of climates in combination with the beautiful dark green leaf have seen it become the top-selling zoysia grass in the USA and is sold under a variety of trade marks, one commonly known as name BRF Zeon Zoysia. (Not Zeon)


Sir Walter Turf

Why Choose Sir Walter Turf in Brisbane and the Gold Coast?

There are so many reasons why Sir Walter is Australia’s best buffalo grass. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass has stood the test of time, proving time and time again that it will go anywhere and grow anywhere.

Australia’s Best Buffalo Grass

Born right here in Australia, Sir Walter was bred to be tough yet soft, and good looking to boot! Since 1997 there has been over 100 million metres of Sir Walter Buffalo turf sold Australia wide – the equivalent to 750,000 homes.

It is versatile and hardy, many factors which cause most other lawns a problem are not a problem for Sir Walter.

$14.90 per m2

Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Couch is Australia’s most widely used common green couch in Brisbane and Gold Coast, it is the budget solution & our cheapest turf available, when looked after correctly it can look amazing, however, it does need a little bit more maintenance than other improved varieties such as TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda.

We have Nullarbor Couch on display at Tamborine.